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Szárnyas fejvadász 2049

12+ karika
Blade Runner 2049


5.910 - 5.9
127 vélemény alapján


2019-ben a replikánsok után vadászó szárnyas fejvadászok egyike különös felfedezést tett. Harminc évvel később egy másik fejvadász, az LAPD tisztje, K egy másik titokra lel. Egy olyan rejtélyre, amely ha felszínre kerül, felforgathatja mindazt, ami a földi társadalomból még megmaradt. Az ügy érdekében fel kell kutatnia a rendőrség egy régi emberét: Rick Deckardot. Csakhogy Deckard 30 évvel ezelőtt eltűnt, és senki nem tudja, hol bujkálhat. Azt is csak néhányan sejtik, hogy miért…

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Jared Leto

Jared Joseph Leto (Bossier, Louisiana, USA, 1971. december 26.) Oscar-díjas amerikai színész, zenész. A Thirty Seconds to Mars amerikai rockegyüttes énekese, gitárosa és dalszerzője. Jordan Catalano a My So-Called Life mélabús szívtiprójaként vált ismertté. Olyan filmekben szerepelt, mint a Rekviem egy álomért, Pánikszoba, Nagy Sándor, a hódító, Fegyvernepper, Chapter 27 és Mr. Nobody. 2014-ben Oscar-díjat nyert a Mielőtt meghaltam című filmben nyújtott alakításáért.

Jared Leto

In the vein of musicians-turned-actors, Jared Leto is a very familiar face in recent film history. Although he has always been the lead vocals, rhythm guitar, and songwriter for American band '30 Seconds to Mars' (qv), Leto will always be remembered as an accomplished actor for the numerous, challenging projects he has taken in his life. Jared Leto was born in Bossier City, Louisiana, to Constance "Connie" (Metrejon) and Anthony L. "Tony" Bryant. "Leto" is a stepfather's surname. His ancestry includes English, Cajun (French), as well as Irish, German, Scottish. Jared and his family traveled across the United States throughout Leto's childhood, living in such states as Wyoming, Virginia and Colorado. Leto would continue this trend when he initially dropped a study of painting at Philadelphia's University of the Arts in favor of a focus on acting at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. In 1992, Leto moved to Los Angeles to pursue a musical career, intending to take acting roles on the side. Leto's first appearances on screen were guest appearances on the short-lived television shows _"Camp Wilder" (1992)_ (qv), _"Almost Home" (1993)_ (qv) and _"Rebel Highway" (1994)_ (qv). However, his next role would change everything for Leto. While searching for film roles, he was cast in the show, _"My So-Called Life" (1994)_ (qv) (TV Series 1994-1995). Leto's character was "Jordan Catalano", the handsome, dyslexic slacker, but also the main love interest of "Angela" (played by 'Claire Danes' (qv)). Leto contributed to the soundtrack of the film, and so impressed the producers initially that he was soon a regular on the show until its end. Elsewhere, Leto began taking film roles. His first theatrically released film was the ensemble piece, _How to Make an American Quilt (1995)_ (qv), based on a novel of the same name and starring renowned actresses 'Winona Ryder' (qv), 'Anne Bancroft (I)' (qv), 'Ellen Burstyn' (qv), 'Jean Simmons (I)' (qv) and 'Alfre Woodard' (qv). The film was a modest success and, while Leto's next film, _The Last of the High Kings (1996)_ (qv), was a failure, Leto secured his first leading role in _Prefontaine (1997)_ (qv), based on long-distance runner Steven Prefontaine. The film was a financial flop, but was praised by critics, notably 'Gene Siskel' (qv) and 'Roger Ebert' (qv). He also took a supporting role in the action thriller, _Switchback (1997)_ (qv), which starred 'Dennis Quaid' (qv), but the film was another failure. Leto's work was slowly becoming recognized in Hollywood, and he continued to find work in film. In 1998, everything turned for the better on all fronts. This was the year that Leto founded the band, '30 Seconds to Mars' (qv), with his brother, 'Shannon Leto' (qv), as well as 'Matt Wachter' (qv) (who later left the group), and after two guitarists joined and quit, 'Tomo Milicevic' (qv) was brought in as lead guitarist and keyboardist. As well as the formation of his now-famous band, Leto's luck in film was suddenly shooting for the better. He was cast as the lead in the horror film, _Urban Legend (1998)_ (qv), which told a grisly tale of a murderer who kills his victims in the style of urban legends. The film was a massive success commercially, though critics mostly disliked the film. That same year, Leto also landed a supporting role in the film, _The Thin Red Line (1998)_ (qv). Renowned director 'Terrence Malick' (qv)'s first film in nearly twenty years, the film had dozens of famous actors in the cast, including 'Sean Penn (I)' (qv), 'Woody Harrelson' (qv), 'John Travolta (I)' (qv), 'Nick Nolte' (qv) and 'Elias Koteas (I)' (qv), to name a few. The film went through much editing, leaving several actors out of the final version, but Leto luckily remained in the film. _The Thin Red Line (1998)_ (qv) was nominated for seven Oscars and was a moderate success at the box office. Leto's fame had just begun. He had supporting roles in both 'James Mangold' (qv)'s _Girl, Interrupted (1999)_ (qv), and in 'David Fincher' (qv)'s cult classic, _Fight Club (1999)_ (qv), dealing with masculinity, commercialism, fascism and insomnia. While 'Edward Norton (I)' (qv) and 'Brad Pitt' (qv) were the lead roles, Leto took a supporting role and dyed his hair blond. The film remains hailed by many, but at the time, Leto was already pushing himself further into controversial films. He played a supporting role of "Paul Allen" in the infamous _American Psycho (2000)_ (qv), starring 'Christian Bale' (qv), and he played the lead role in 'Darren Aronofsky' (qv)'s _Requiem for a Dream (2000)_ (qv), which had Leto take grueling measures to prepare for his role as a heroin addict trying to put his plans to reality and escape the hell he is in. Both films were massive successes, if controversially received. The 2000s brought up new film opportunities for Leto. He reunited with 'David Fincher' (qv) in _Panic Room (2002)_ (qv), which was another success for Leto, as well as 'Oliver Stone (I)' (qv)'s epic passion project, _Alexander (2004)_ (qv). The theatrical cut was poorly received domestically (although it recouped its budget through DVD sales and international profit), and though a Final Cut was released that much improved the film in all aspects, it continues to be frowned upon by the majority of film goers. Leto rebounded with _Lord of War (2005)_ (qv), which starred 'Nicolas Cage' (qv) as an arms dealer who ships weapons to war zones, with Leto playing his hapless but more moral-minded brother. The film was an astounding look at the arms industry, but was not a big financial success. Leto's flush of successes suddenly ran dry when he acted in the period piece, _Lonely Hearts (2006)_ (qv), which had Leto playing "Ray Fernandez", one of the two infamous "Lonely Hearts Killers" in the 1940s. The film was a financial failure and only received mixed responses. Leto then underwent a massive weight gain to play "Mark David Chapman", infamous murderer of 'John Lennon (I)' (qv), in the movie, _Chapter 27 (2007)_ (qv). While Leto did a fantastic job embodying the behavior and speech patterns of Chapman, the film was a complete flop, and was a critical bomb to boot. It was during this period that Leto focused increasingly on his band, turning down such films as 'Clint Eastwood (I)' (qv)'s World War 2 film, _Flags of Our Fathers (2006)_ (qv). In 2009, however, Leto returned to acting with his most ambitious film yet; _Mr. Nobody (2009)_ (qv). Leto's role as "Nemo Nobody" required him to play the character as far aged as 118, even as he undergoes a soul-searching as to whether his life turned out the way he wanted it to. The film was mostly funded through Belgian and French financiers, and was given limited release in only certain countries. Critical response, however, has praised the film's artistry and Leto's acting. Jared Leto's story is a very charmed one, as he rose from television roles to film roles, to giving head-turning performances in famous projects alongside A-list casts. And all this on the side of his band, '30 Seconds to Mars' (qv).

Los Angeles

Los Angeles (IPA: [/lɒs.ˈæn.dʒə.lɪs/], spanyolul: Los Ángeles, /los.ˈaŋ.xe.les/) (eredetileg: El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles del Río de Porciúncula, magyarul: „A mi úrnőnknek, az Angyalok királynőjének faluja a Porciúncula folyón”), röviden L. A., népesség szerint az Amerikai Egyesült Államok második legnagyobb agglomerációja. Fontos gazdasági és kulturális központ, a világ szórakoztatóiparának egyik legfontosabb fellegvára. A várost hivatalosan 1850. április 4-én alapították, lakossága ekkor mindössze 1610 fő volt, ez lett egyben Los Angeles megye székhelye is. A 2012-ben végzett utolsó teljes körű népszámlálás adatai szerint lakosainak száma 3 831 868 fő .[2] A teljes agglomeráció (Metropolitan Area) lakossága 17 545 623. A város földrajzi értelemben is nagy, hiszen több mint 1200 km²-t foglal el, ezzel nagyobb New Yorknál és Chicagónál is. Los Angeles kétszer, 1932-ben és 1984-ben adott otthont Nyári Olimpiai Játékoknak, utóbbi „csonka olimpia” volt, a politikai feszültségek miatt a Szovjetunió kezdeményezésére a legtöbb kelet-európai ország, így Magyarország sem vett részt rajta. Lévén az Egyesült Államok egyik legnagyobb bevándorlási központja, etnikailag és kulturálisan rendkívül sokszínű.

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Thomas Gosling (London, Ontario, 1980. november 12. –) kétszeres Oscar-díjra jelölt, Golden Globe-díjas kanadai színész, zenész és producer. Karrierjét gyerekszínészként kezdte a Disney Channel The Mickey Mouse Club című műsorában 1993 és 1995 között, majd egyéb családi és ifjúsági sorozatokban is szerepelt, mint például az Álomsuli (1997-1998) vagy az 1998-99-es Az ifjú Herkules kalandjai, melyben a címszereplőt formálta meg. Első filmes főszerepét A hitetlen című 2001-es filmben kapta meg, ebben egy neonácivá váló zsidó fiatalembert alakít. Gosling ezután független filmekben tűnt fel; Kísérleti gyilkosság (2002), A fiatalkorú (2003). A nagyközönség számára a színészt a 2004-es Szerelmünk lapjai című romantikus vígjáték főszerepe tette ismertté, mellyel négy Teen Choice Awards és egy MTV Movie Awards díjat nyert. Egy drogfüggő tanár szerepében nyújtott alakítása a 2006-os Fél Nelson című filmben Oscar-jelölést, míg a 2007-es Plasztik szerelem Golden Globe-jelölést hozott számára. Szintén 2007-ben a Törés című thrillerben szerepelt. Három évnyi kihagyás után Gosling a Blue Valentine című 2010-es filmmel tért vissza, mellyel egy második Golden Globe-jelölést nyert. 2011 fontos év volt a színész karrierjében, ekkor három, a nagyközönség számára készült filmben kapott fontos szerepet; az Őrült, dilis, szerelem című romantikus vígjátékban, A hatalom árnyékában című politikai drámában és a Drive – Gázt! című akcióthrillerben – szerepléseivel további két Golden Globe-jelölést szerzett. 2013-ban három bűnügyi filmben (Gengszterosztag, Túl a fenyvesen, Csak Isten bocsáthat meg) tűnt fel a filmvásznon. Rendezőként a Lost River című filmmel debütált 2014-ben. 2015-ben A nagy dobás című filmdrámában szerepelt, a 2016-os Kaliforniai álom pedig hatalmas pénzügyi és kritikai sikert hozott Goslingnak: Golden Globe-díjat nyert és egy második Oscar-jelölést is magáénak tudhatott. 2017-ben a Szárnyas fejvadász 2049 főszerepét vállalta el, míg 2018-ban Neil Armstrongként volt látható a filmvásznon Az első ember című életrajzi filmben. Gosling zenekara, a Dead Man’s Bones 2009-ben jelentette meg első albumát, ugyanebben az évben turnéra is indultak Észak-Amerikában. A jótékonykodó színész a PETA állatvédő szervezet támogatója, továbbá támogatja a terrorszervezetek által kizsákmányolt afrikai gyermekek megsegítéséért küzdő Invisible Children és az Enough Project elnevezésű szervezeteket – Gosling beutazta Csádot, Ugandát és a Kongói Demokratikus Köztársaság keleti részét, hogy felhívja a figyelmet a régió konfliktusaira. A színész társa 2011 óta Eva Mendes, akitől két kislánya született.

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling was born on November 12, 1980, in London, Ontario. He is the son of Donna, a secretary, and Thomas Ray Gosling, a traveling salesman. Ryan was the second of their two children. His ancestry includes English, French-Canadian, Scottish, and German. The Gosling family moved to Cornwall, Ontario, where Ryan grew up and was home-schooled by his mother. Ryan attended Cornwall Collegiate and Vocational High School in Cornwall, where he excelled in Drama and Fine Arts. The family then relocated to Burlington, Ontario, where Ryan attended Lester B. Pearson High School in Burlington, Ontario. Ryan first performed as a singer at talent contests with his older sister Mandi. He attended an open audition in Montreal for the TV series "The Mickey Mouse Club" (_"MMC" (1989)_ (qv)) in January 1993 and beat out 17,000 other aspiring actors for a a spot on the show. While appearing on "MMC" for two years, he lived with co-star 'Justin Timberlake' (qv)'s family. Though he received no formal acting training, after "MMC," Gosling segued into an acting career, appearing on the TV series _"Young Hercules" (1998)_ (qv) and _"Breaker High" (1997)_ (qv), as well as the films _The Slaughter Rule (2002)_ (qv), _Murder by Numbers (2002)_ (qv), and _Remember the Titans (2000)_ (qv). He first attracted serious critical attention with his performance as the Jewish neo-Nazi in the controversial film _The Believer (2001)_ (qv), which won the Grand Jury Prize at the 2001 Sundance Film Festival. He was cast in the part by writer-director 'Henry Bean' (qv), who believed that Gosling's strict upbringing gave him the insight to understand the character Danny, whose obsessiveness with the Judaism he was born into turns to hatred. He was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award as Best Male Lead in 2002 for the role and won the Golden Aries award from the Russian Guild of Film Critics. After appearing in the sleeper _The Notebook (2004)_ (qv) in 2004, Gosling won the dubious honor of being named one of the 50 Hottest Bachelors by People Magazine. More significantly, he was named the Male Star of Tomorrow at the 2004 Show West convention of movie exhibitors. Gosling reached the summit of his profession with his performance in _Half Nelson (2006)_ (qv), which garnered him an Academy Award nomination as Best Actor. In a short time, he has established himself as one of the finest actors of his generation.


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A The Expendables – A feláldozhatók 3. kalózmásolata már három héttel a bemutató előtt felkerült az internetre, 189 ezren töltötték le 24 órán belül a filmet.


A Justin Bieber - Belive című koncertfilmet mindössze három napig játszották az ausztráliai mozikban.


Julia Roberts egy interjún könnyekben tört ki, amikor arról beszélt, hogy az Augusztus Oklahomában c. filmben Meryl Streep mellett szerepel, aki ugyanis a kedvenc színésznője.


A Lego-kaland című filmben minden, amit látunk, LEGO-ból van. Beleértve a tüzet, vizet, füstöt, a robbantásokat és a lézerkardot is.